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ec igaretele vă ajută să pierdeți în greutate

Versurile vorbesc despre miturile, legendele și evenimentele istorice din spatele fiecărei luni, transpuse în lumea noastră modernă. În același tip, cântecele pot fi interpretate și ca spunând povestea de dragoste dintre doi protagoniști, cu suișurile și coborâșurile acesteia.

ceaiul hibiscus ajută să piardă în greutate

Naked and precious, outspreading her arms, Enjoying life, performing its rite. She sleeps in a cave, hiding her beauty from eyes Like mine, eager to steal what they see.

I suggest you carefully choose your friends: At times lions can be mistaken for lambs.

cum să ardeți cel mai bun mod de grăsime

Dog days desiccate the golden fields, Suffocating, the summer runs cruel… Head shaded by a cheerful umbrella, Comfortable enough, feet cooling in the pool. A stroll in the graveyard of former foes: Alleys are gloomy, shadows of strifes… Games are fixed and hands are slippery. They set the city on fire Craving to kill its pride… Their faith was wrapped in barbed wire They took a morning flight And rewrote the chronicle of mankind Believing by noon they will be divine I wonder how it feels to be sacrificed On prime time… Their anger was walking a wire More than a thousand feet Above the swarming of an empire, Above the narrow streets In the land of the free, the home of the brave, Where yellow cabs crawl in a parallel maze.

Today gods are walking among us, today they are kind… Let the drums burst out, Let them boom right now, The rhythm is shaking our times… Lose your clothes, put on dragons den fat burner mask and roll the bloody dice! Ah, astounding, The shock of this coldness is making my heart Beat again.

zilnic pierde rutina de greutate