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Comentarii jackie massey i am very emotional too jeni am crying at you crying. I think your kindness is crutial.

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You can teach them lol x Christine Butler It's wrong to ignore the poor dog when you get back he will wonder slimming yorkshire buddings he done. Something to keep him busy so he's not as worried where you are.

You'll get there with him. He seems a young energetic dog and intelligent enough to mould any which way you want. Good job you've got the trainer booked to get good habits established.

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Xx Life of the Baldwins Jen and her Tribe of 7 Typical boy haha x Can't wait to squish baby doug xx Jen and her Tribe of 7 Not long now can not wait xx Annie's Looks like Jasper has got separation anxiety when you go out to do the school run etc. Try leaving a radio on in the utility room for him when you go out.

Love to see you do a lesson with Zen Golf Mechanic. Check him out on ROkey. And another absolute top bloke for a guest!!

Take him for a longer walk before going out. Such as a Kong with peanut butter inside which if you pop in the freezer it will take him longer to lick all the peanut butter out and keep him occupied.

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When you get back home do not make a fuss of him also before you go out don't make a fuss of himbut totally ignore him. When you are home, start by leaving him on his own for a couple of minutes, gradually increasing the length of time he's on his own.

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Stop giving him so much attention. There are other things that you can do which the dog trainer should tell you about.

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Sadly, fixing separation anxiety isn't an overnight fix and all the family need to be involved with everyone being consistent in what you do or don't do. Xx sue fleming Is the dog suffering from separation anxiety because he loves you so much.

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We start training a week on tue so hoping this helps x sue Hallows Your slimming yorkshire buddings are adorable xx You have done a lovely job with the plants. I'm very emotional as well,lovely video x sue Hallows Jen and her Tribe of 7 how sweet. She didn't look shy x Jen and her Tribe of 7 Thank you.

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Flori asked could she do a little bit of the vlog but then went shy bless her x.